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THE BIG ISLAND (Island of Hawai`i) - The Big Island is BIG! Don't be fooled by its characterization as an "island." Distances and driving times play a large part of your day when touring the island. THERE ARE NO FREEWAYS! Keep in mind there can be unexpected delays due to road repairs and other detours.

THE BIG TIP: Most visitors assume Hawai`i is "like the U.S. Mainland." It's more (or less) than that. You'd be better off adjusting your attitude before you arrive; especially on the Big Island of Hawai`i. Think of your trip as visiting a foreign land with all of its customs, traditions, AND TABOOS, that make Hawai`i an exciting and interesting place to visit. Respecting our culture is a key to a successful visit. Many will quickly discover that although our people may sound and act like "Americans," we are extremely Cosmopolitan and Hawaiian at heart. Historically--to many who live here--Hawai`i is still under occupation. The term "Hawaiian-American" is rarely used. We are a polite, respecful, giving soceity and expect the same in return from others.

It is most helpful if you read up on Hawai`i's REAL history before visting our friendly shores. The majority of what people think is Hawaiian history has been written by uninformed or "colonial outsiders;" however much work has been done by Hawaiian scholars over the past several decades to correct the multitude of inaccuracies of our history. There are many sources available on the Internet, Here's just one of them:

DRIVING TIMES (estimated, depending upon road work):

Driving Times:
Kona to Hilo - 2 hours 14 minutes - when using the Daniel K Inouye Hwy 200
Kona to Hilo - 2 hours 55 minutes - when using Hiwy 19 or 11 (senic coastal "around the island" route)
Kona to Volcano - 2 hours 30 minutes
Kona to Waimea - 50 minutes
Kona International Airport to Kona - 20 minutes
Kona International Airport to Kohala - 20 minutes
Kohala to Kona - 40 minutes
Hilo to Volcano - 45 minutes
Hilo to Waimea - 1 hour 15 minutes
Hilo to Kohala - 1 hour 45 minutes


HILO [East Hawai`i] - A sleepy (but charming!) town that is often times less favored over the Kona Coast due to Hilo's lush and cooler tropical climate. As the Island's county seat, lush Hilo is striking in its beauty: scenic gardens, uncluttered parks, and forests are bountiful. It is the gateway to the only surviving rain forest in the U.S.A. Also known for its Farmers' Market in downtown Hilo as well as the world hula festival, The Merrie Monarch Festival.

For the Merrie Monarch commemorative book go her.

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KONA-KOHALA-WAIMEA [West Hawai`i] - With its sunny and mythical dry coast, its upland vistas and electric blue ocean, the Kona-Kohala Coast is considered a world class tourist destination. Most International flights enter the Big Island through Kona's charming mini airport. Kona is well-known for its famous Kona coffee products, "Reviera like coast", as well as its Hawaiian chocolate.

GETTING HERE AND AROUND - Most visitors rent a car; locals and others use the county's bus line called "The Hele-On!"

WHILE DRIVING (Average driving speed in most places is between 45 -55 MPH)-

Our aloha spirt requires you use patience and a respectful behavior while driving. For example, it is considered rude to blow your horns while dirving except in extreme or hazardous conditions. Just because someone is moving slower than expected (including a slow start at a traffic green light), that is no reason to blast your horn as they do in other parts of the world. Drivers often give a courteous right of way to pedestrians who are awaiting to cross a street and whenever it is safe to do so.

For a variety of Big Island Activities and Information, go here.

Hakalau Forest Refuge -

Did you know that "at least half of the U.S.'s plant and bird extinctions are Hawaiian species, and nearly a third of the nation's threatened and endangered species are unique to the Islands? Lokahi (Harmony) has been destroyed in half of our native rainforests and in 90% of dryland forests. - Conservation Council for Hawai`i"

For a Hawaiian experience in nature, consider visiting the Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge.

BIRD WATCHING?? Visit Hawaii Birding Trails


Lava Flow Information and Status (click picture below)

HAWAI`I VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK - Plan so you are there at lunch to take advantage of their (not so hot but okay) lunch buffet, or pack your a light snack so you can keep moving. If you decide to continue on to Kona via the Kau District and want to skip an early lunch, stop in at the Pahala Plantation for a snack before visiting the Hawaiian Green turtle breeding home at Punalu`u Black Sand Beach. We will leave the rest to your imagination!

Also, Check out the next Hawaiian Island now brewing off the coast of the Big Island of Hawai`i, called Loihi. Go here to visit Loihi!

Koloko-Honokohau National Park (Located just outside of Kailua Kona)

Great outdoor hiking. Check with the visitor's center for the latest information. If you plan to visit the fish ponds (a short drive), the road is very rough and we recommend you avoid this site until the road is paved. See web site.

Pu`uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park - Sacred area. (LEAVE YOUR BAD HABITS AT HOME!) Absolutely no food (except in designated picnic area adjacent to sanctuary). However, the serenity is magic. > More

Pu'ukohola Heiau

Built between 1790-91 by Kamehameha I with the assistance of two stranded European sailors, John Young and Isaac Davis, Kamehameha I extended his reign over all Hawaiian Islands. The remains of John Young’s homestead may be toured at the site. Pu'ukohola Heiau was constructed for ceremonies related to war. > More info


Island wide outdoors activities. More Information on County Parks or State Parks

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PLACES OF SPECIAL INTEREST - (These are only informational. We do not endorse any of the services below. Some content may have changed. Contact the respective entities if you are interested in their services or for more information.)

[Click here for Map] - Some of these places will take up to several hours, depending upon distance and interest.

Hawai`i Tropical Botanical Garden (Hilo) Papaikou - Botanical garden described as the most beautiful area in Hawaii. Photographer's paradise Phone: 808-964-5233. > More info

World Gardens at Uma Uma - If you want an alternate garden to stroll, consider the World Botanical Gardens in Umauma. It is relatively new and they allow self guided tours. Some of the drive way in the gradens are still a bit bumpy but only in a small section. Check their web site for the latest developments.

Nani Mau Gardens (Hilo) - Offers self-guided tour through some twenty acres of lush, manicured gardens featuring native and exotic flowers, ferns, and trees. Ask about their all you can eat buffet luncheon. Phone 808-959-3500. > More info

Lili`okalani Tea Garden (Hilo) > More info

BIG ISLAND CANDIES, Hilo - 808-935-8890 - They are more famous for their cookies than candies! FAB-U-LOUS and D-LICIOUS! Visit their web site.

Pua Mau Place - New botanical garden near Kawaihae - Web site.

Hawaiian Petroglyphs -

Hawai`i Island State Parks - > More info

Pana`ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens

It is the only natural tropical rainforest zoo in the United States. > More info

Kamehameha The Great Statue - Hilo

This bigger than life statue is part of Hilo's Wailoa State Park with museums, memorials, and manicured grounds.

Kamehameha The Great Statue - Kapa`au, Kohala

This is where the real statue of the king resides in front of the old court house on Highway 270. All others are replicas, including the one on the Iolani Palace grounds in Honolulu. > More info

Galaxy Garden at Paleaku Peace Gardens

Wonderful open gardens with facinating things to see. Check their web site for the latest information.

Whale Watching > More info


Just returned from your Hawai`i visit and forgot to buy enough gifts for friends, relatives, or that special person at the office? Great Hawaiian gifts await you on-line at CAPTAINPICARD.COM! From leis, art, wood gift items, and other Made In Hawaii products and Hawaiian music.

AUTHENTIC HAWAIIAN ART - The Art of Kohala by Reuben b - Web site


Lyman House Memorial Museum – Hilo. Hawaiian natural and cultural history; 1839 missionary home. Unique gift shop often overlooked. Walking tours. Phone: 935-5021. More Information

Pacific Tsunami Museum - Hilo. 808-935-0926. Located in Hilo bay front behind the King Kamehameha statue on Kamehameha Avenue. Web site

Hulihee Palace - Kona - Web Site

LOCAL DINING - Where to Eat

No dining establishment is always perfect, however, these are places we visit over and over. Remember, some of the best "dining" is packing a lunch and relaxing at one of the many public beaches that dot the Big Island. > GO HERE FOR A LIST OF SUGGESTED RESTAURANTS


Seafood Guide >


Please note: Some beaches are not as accessible as they seem. For a more extensive list of beaches, go here > More info



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